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Autore Topic: How to disable/destroy one key in a laptop keyboard  (Letto 477 volte)

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How to disable/destroy one key in a laptop keyboard
« il: Giugno 07, 2018, 08:05:52 am »

Can somebody tell me how to disable/destroy one key in a laptop keyboard. I have an old compaq presario laptop that has an annoying habit of F1 key getting stuck, so whenever I start the computer it enters setup, I cleaned the keyboard with several methods I found on the web but after sometime the same F! key gets stuck. I want to permanently remove/ disable this key on the keyboard's hardware. (remapping the in widows wont help because windows wont start)
I've tried physically prying off the didn't work, removing the keyboard cable necessitates an external keyboard, something very inconvenient, replacement keyboard is costly. I want to disable this one key alone.
I am thinking about something like selectively destroying the tiny circuit behind the rubber dome, but how this can be done safely without disturbing the remaining keys, I am not sure. Can someone help?

Please help.

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